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Are You Looking For The Top SEO Expert In Bangladesh? Well, In this modern era of the Internet, if you try to start and grow a BUSINESS, it’s vital for you to understand what SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is and how SEO strategies should be implemented on your site.

In recent years, almost all Bangladeshi companies have become more concerned about increasing their online presence and brand visibility. And, for that, SEO is like a must-to-do for every business.

For Your Information, doing SEO can increase 1000%+ more traffic than the number you can get from Organic Social Media. Check these NUMBERS….

It clearly suggests that you should give more focus on Search Engine Optimization rather than putting your concentration on the next Instagram Post or Facebook Post. This is where you need the Best SEO Service in Bangladesh.

To be more precise, you should take services from an SEO expert in bd.

In this case, if you don’t know what actually SEO or Search Engine Optimization means, what services an SEO specialist offers, or how those SEO services can benefit your business, then I, Md Faruk Khan (Top SEO Expert In Bangladesh), am here to help you with my PROFESSIONAL and EXPERIENCED team members.

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Who Is The Top SEO Expert In Bangladesh?

Well, this might be the question that is popping up in your mind right now – “Who is the Top SEO Expert in Bangladesh?”

Well, the obvious answer is – “Md. Faruk Khan is the Best SEO consultant in Bangladesh”.

The reasons are as follows –


As of this date, I have successfully completed 200+ SEO projects for hundreds of companies from all around the globe. If Organic Ranking is what your primary goal is, you must take SEO services from an experienced SEO professional like me.


Among those 200+ SEO projects, the minimum number of Bangladeshi companies I have worked with is around 100. And, this is what I always feel proud of as an SEO expert bd.


Throughout my SEO career, I have always tried to come up with different strategies following the Webmaster Guidelines to see the search engine ranking results after implementing them. This is what makes me different from all those SEO professionals in Bangladesh.


Around 5 years from now, I had begun my SEO training career in Bangladesh. So far, I have successfully completed 60+ batches of Advanced SEO course, 25+ batches of Affiliate Marketing Course, and 20+ batches of Local SEO course. And, this is a matter of pride for me to tell that the total number of students whom I have trained so far is more than 2000.


One thing I must mention that I am better known as a Local SEO Expert in Bangladesh because of my long career as an SEO Trainer in Bangladesh.


I not only implement all the White Hat SEO strategies that can improve the rank of your website, but I also handle each of the client’s projects in a way so that the entire procedure can be much easier for both parties.


After we finish the first meeting, I will email you a Blueprint of a Detailed SEO proposal for your site. In this SEO proposal, I will demonstrate every step so that everything can always be crystal clear between you and I.


In some cases, I also try to provide an initial SEO Audit of your site so that you get to know the existing problems of your site. This will give a short idea about the technical SEO issues because I will use Google Webmaster Tools for this purpose.


Finally, once you approve my SEO proposal, I, along with the skilled SEO professionals of my team, will start according to our SEO Action Plan.

Why You Should Check SEO Expert Profile in Bangladesh?

At the current moment, if you make a search on Google using the keyword SEO Expert Profile in Bangladesh, you will find a considerable number of websites in the SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

So, I think a better idea for you would be looking at the Top SEO Expert Profile in Bangladesh. And, to demonstrate the reasons for doing so, I have made this video for you.

Check out this video on – Why You Should Check SEO Expert Profile in Bangladesh?


Hello, it’s me, Md Faruk Khan. And, in this video, I will be talking about why you should check the SEO expert profile in Bangladesh.

Before telling you about the reasons to look for the top SEO expert profile in bd, it is crucial to let you know about Google Search and Search Engine Optimization.

Well, ‘search’ is a POWERFUL tool, allowing internet users to search, find, access, and share almost ANYTHING and EVERYTHING no matter how or where they are connected to.

If you are running an online business or want to increase the online visibility of your BRAND, or want your customers to find your business, understanding how Google Search works is ESSENTIAL. Whether your business has a website, social media profile, Google My Business Listing, Google makes a complete journey to find your business, categorize it and then show it to the potential customers of your business.

Now, you know why your business needs to get synced with Google Search. And this is where the role of the SEO professionals comes into action.

For your business, if it is running in Bangladesh, you definitely need to look for SEO help bd and SEO rank bd or, more importantly, an SEO expert in bd. And this is the reason; you should check the best SEO expert profile in Bangladesh.

In these days, you will find lots of SEO expert profile in Bangladesh. So, you have to be very careful while hiring the best SEO expert in Bangladesh.

In another video of my mine, I have given some useful tips for hiring the best SEO expert in Bangladesh. You can easily find that video as I have placed the link of the video in the description box of this video.

Go check it out!

Now, let’s have a brief discussion regarding search engine optimization.

Honestly speaking, no one can deny the fact that every business wants to attract new & potential customers. The most EFFECTIVE to do so is by showing up in the Search Engine Results Page.  Methods of making your business website appear, when people search for the products or services you sell like SEO tools, SEO bd, SEO jobs, SEO help bd, SEO rank bd, are called Search Engine Optimization or, in short, SEO.

For Your Information, SEO is about selecting and using the RIGHT keywords and serving RELEVANT information to your POTENTIAL customers on your business websites. And, this can be done by planning and applying On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, Technical SEO, SEO audit, and similar others. While doing so, an SEO professional uses a wide range of SEO tools, including Google Webmaster and Google Search Analytics as well.

In the case of a Bangladeshi company (meaning doing SEO of a business site), this same theory is followed by the top SEO expert in Bangladesh. To put it simply, SEO professionals in Bangladesh try to OFFER the best SEO service in Bangladesh.

Since there are plenty of options available for you in this regard, so the wisest thing to do is checking the best SEO expert profile in Bangladesh.

Always remember that the success of your online business (in terms of brand visibility and searchability) massively depends on the SEO consultant you appoint for your business’ SEO project.

Therefore, it is a must for every business to check the top SEO expert profile in Bangladesh before hiring a random Bangladeshi SEO consultant.

Good Luck!

Benefits of Hiring An SEO Expert in BD

By this time, you have got a little bit of an idea about what SEO is. And, you have also come to know the reasons for checking out the SEO Expert Profile in Bangladesh.

However, you may not have the actual idea about the benefits SEO can bring to your business. For not having such an idea, it’s quite OBVIOUS that you have no clear idea about how your competitors are knocking off just because of taking the best SEO service in Bangladesh from Top SEO Expert in BD.

Here, I will tell you about the Top 3 benefits of hiring an SEO specialist in Bangladesh –


SEO Increases ROI

If you take the best SEO service in Bangladesh from the best SEO expert in Bangladesh, you can expect to have an increase in your ROI (Return On Investment). But, your investment in SEO services may not bring you the desired result if you take SEO service from the wrong SEO expert bd. So, you have to be utmost careful while looking for the right SEO expert Bangladesh.


Boost Website Traffic with SEO

Taking help from the leading SEO experts in Bangladesh, you get the opportunity of increasing the number of traffic to your website. And thus, it helps you get more customers for your business. Creating and implementing the right SEO Action Plan using the right SEO tools is quite easier for an SEO expert in bd to drive the traffic that can ultimately lead to real conversions.



When you take SEO service from the best SEO service provider company in Bangladesh, your business gets a higher SEO rank in bd. An analyzed and calculated SEO plan designed by the best SEO agency in Bangladesh can really help you get the top position in the Search Engine Result Page.

Free Website Audit

The 1st step starts with performing a website audit by the Top SEO specialist in Bangladesh to identify what SEO strategies are the appropriate ones to be implanted on your business website.

*a 5-minute free consultation over phone or skype


Search Engine Optimization

The 2nd step is all about starting the procedure of Search Engine Optimization by the expert team members of Md Faruk Khan.

Clients Satisfaction

Client Satisfaction has been the main concern of mine since the beginning of my Professional SEO career. I solely and truly work for value, as SEO has always been my PASSION.


24/7 Support

I know how important it is for you to earn success for your business. So, I try to give 24/7 support to all my SEO clients.

Tips For Hiring The Best SEO Expert In Bangladesh

Now that you know about the benefits of hiring an SEO in BD, it’s essential for you to choose the best SEO expert in bd.

In this regard, I have made a video highlighting the Tips you can follow to Hire the best SEO strategist in Bangladesh.

Check it out now….


Hi, it’s me, Md Faruk Khan. In today’s video, I will be sharing some tips for hiring the best SEO expert in Bangladesh.

Before I talk about those SECRET tips, I should give you a brief idea about What is SEO?

Well, SEO is typically meant as Search Engine Optimization or Search Engine Optimizer. For Your Information, hiring an SEO expert creates the opportunity to improve the ranking of your website in the SERP (Search Engine Result Page). Also, it saves much of your time, as well.

But there is also the risk of damaging the reputation of your site if you appoint someone who suggests you bad practices or wrong SEO strategies.

Here I will be talking about the general set of recommendations to be kept in mind while you go about hiring an SEO expert in Bangladesh.

First, do a detailed interview with your potential SEO consultant in bd. A professional SEO specialist in Bangladesh doesn’t only focus on the search engine ranking (meaning where your business appears) but rather on how they can assist in growing your business by improving how your business appears.

An expert SEO specialist usually questions like:

  1. What are the competitive advantages of your business that make it valuable to your customers?
  2. What is your target market or target customers?
  3. How do they find your business website at this moment?
  4. How does your business make money, and how can search engines be the help of that?
  5. Are there any other channels except your business website you have right now?
  6. Are you doing any offline advertisements?
  7. How about social networks?
  8. Who are your Top Competitors?
  9. What about their online presence and brand visibility?

If your SEO consultant in bd doesn’t seem to be interested in learning about your business, better move on, and consider reaching out to another SEO expert in bd.

Keep in mind; it is tough to optimize appropriately without having any idea about a business’ goals, objectives, customers, along with other existing marketing efforts (both online and offline). Be aware of an SEO expert bd who gives impractical and unrealistic guarantees of ranking on the 1st page of search engines like Google in a short time.

To be honest, such a guarantee is completely vague as it takes time to improve ranks on the result pages of Google.

The 2nd step in hiring an SEO specialist in bd is to check references.

  1. A wise thing to do is to check with their past clients and confirm that the SEO professional in bd was able to finish the job successfully.
  2. It is a must to ensure that those results were sustained rather than temporary.
  3. An SEO expert in bd should put the main focus on creating and implementing long-term plans to help to grow your brand.

And, the last step is to request a technical SEO audit.

  1. After conducting an SEO audit, an SEO expert will tell you the prioritized issues and suggested improvements.
  2. These suggestions or strategies should be based on following the white hat SEO strategies meaning no unrealistic practices. And, these strategies should abide by Google Webmaster guidelines.

When you are done with all of these steps, you should start evaluating your potential SEO professionals in Bangladesh.

When you find out the right SEO specialist in Bangladesh for your SEO project, you can start the project by signing an agreement.

This is all about the Tips For Hiring The Best SEO Expert in Bangladesh. Good Luck!

Essential SEO Services List

Keyword Research

Keyword Research

Website Analysis

Website Analysis

On Page SEO

Competitor Analysis

Content Analysis

Content Analysis

On Page SEO

On Page SEO


Off Page SEO (Link Building)

Google Ranking

Google SERP Ranking

Performance Management

Performance Management

My Services

SEO Training Dhaka

SEO Training in Bangladesh

My SEO training is designed with the most advanced SEO strategies.

SEO Consultancy Service

SEO Consultancy Service

I provide the best SEO consultancy services for both small and large-scale businesses.

Expert SEO Service

Expert SEO Service

I can provide you with the Best SEO Service to improve the online presence and searchability of your business.

Get The Best SEO Service In Bangladesh From Md Faruk Khan

You have already come to know how vital it is to get the best SEO service in Bangladesh for your business. It can happen to you only when you take SEO services from Md Faruk Khan.

Here’s is a brief overview of the SEO services that I provide

SEO Assessment

The first task is to analyze and determine what’s the goal and what should be the BEST SEO strategies to be implemented to achieve the same.

Competitive Analysis

Running a thorough analysis of the computers help to know what they are doing which helps in preparing the right SEO Action Plan.


Keyword Research

Picking and optimizing the right keywords after an in-depth analysis help your business find more online customers with the help of organic search results.


On-Page SEO

There’s really lot more to do rather than just placing the keywords, optimizing title tags and and permalinks.

Local SEO

If your business is about providing goods or services in a local area, then it is essential that your business website must get top rankings in the local search results.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing helps to reach your target customers by sending bulk emails where the bounce rate should be as minimal as possible.

Link Building

My link building techniques abide by all the rules of Google Webmaster which ensures the safety of your website from being penalized for any kind of unrealistic linking practices.

Lead Generation

Potential leads for your business increase the chance of turning them into actual sales which will ultimately lead to profit maximization.

Web Design & Development

A business website must have to be fast, SEO friendly and 100% responsive. Get all kind of Website services 

Why Hire Md Faruk Khan – Best SEO Specialist In Bangladesh?

Only hiring the best SEO specialist in Bangladesh can help you with achieving the desired goals for your business. And, I, an experienced SEO professional in Bangladesh, will help you in achieving your business goals.


I know how essential SEO service in Bangladesh is for a Bangladeshi Company. With my years of experience in the SEO sector, I can ensure you the best SEO service in Bangladesh.


I always try to keep everything transparent between my client and I. Hence, I discuss almost everything with the clients that I consider to be implanted on my clients’ website.


I not only work for improving the search engine ranks of my client’s websites. Instead, I try to implement everything that takes to improve the current condition of my client’s business. It’s more like I work for VALUE, not for MONEY.


My SEO actions speak louder than words. I try to keep my clients updated by providing weekly or monthly reports. Such updates of the SEO projects really help my clients to understand the progress I’m brining with the help of my white hat SEO strategies.


I always have a passion for SEO because deep inside me, I feel like SEO runs through my blood. This is why I always keep myself up-to-date with the Google Algorithm Updates by my ongoing SEO experiments.

My Achievement

Md Faruk Khan with Team

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a shortlist of the most common SEO questions I get

1. What is Organic SEO?

Organic SEO refers to the organic SEO strategies and methods used to get your website higher rankings on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. This indicates that your business website will get Free traffic coming from the search engines. Paid Advertising using Google Adwords can be much EXPENSIVE.

For your information, very few portions of the internet users click on them, whereas around 70-80% of the internet users click on the organic search results.

One who performs such SEO strategies is known as Organic SEO Expert or Organic Search Engine Optimizer.

2. What includes in my SEO services in Bangladesh?

  • SEO Assessment.
  • On-Page SEO.
  • Link Building.
  • Competitive Analysis.
  • Local SEO.
  • Lead Generation.
  • Social Media Marketing.
  • Email Marketing.
  • Profile Branding Service.
  • Keyword Research & Analysis.
  • Website Design & Development.

3. How much does it cost to hire an SEO expert bd?

To be honest, I have no straightforward answer when the question refers to the cost of hiring an SEO specialist in Bangladesh. The cost of SEO services may vary depending on the types of SEO services you will prefer to take from me.

4. How long does SEO take?

Well, SEO or Search Engine Optimization may take time to show results. Keep in mind that SEO is not something that can give you a higher ranking overnight. It needs at least a period of 3-month for any SEO project.

5. Are you the best local SEO expert in Bangladesh?

My years of training experience and the number ofs successfully completed Local SEO projects clearly indicate that I am currently the best local SEO expert in Bangladesh. More information about my SEO career is here.

6. Why will you choose me for the best SEO service in Bangladesh?

I always work to provide you with VALUE that can improve the condition of your business. It is not money that I work for. Besides, SEO is more likely to be my PASSION, or you can say HOBBY. Want to know about me?… Click Here.

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We are much lucky to have Md Faruk Khan for managing the SEO project of our official website. He is knowledge and true to his words. Thanks!


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