md faruk khan

Md Faruk Khan

SEO Expert in Bangladesh

Senior SEO & Affiliate Marketing Trainer

Worked as a Senior SEO & Affiliate Marketing trainer at BITM (BASIS Institute of Technology & Management) since 2014-2018. Successfully completed 50+ SEO batches, 20+ Affiliate Marketing batches and 30+ workshop on Freelancing under SEIP (Skills for Employment Investment Program). Also worked for BCC (Bangladesh Computer Council), TechnoBD and Pencil Box Training". Recently, joined CVLinked Training as a Lead SEO & Affiliate Trainer.

What I Love To Do


With my Local SEO service, I can rank your website for specific keywords that get monthly searches so that you can gain real sales. It’s my guarantee to increase your online visibility and get more traffic within one month by my 100% white hat SEO techniques.


I am a professional trainer at CV Linked Training. My vast training experience and skill on Affiliate Marketing and SEO will definitely help you to face the real world challenges. I have successfully conducted 70+ training batches and my student’s count exceeds thousand.


I’m consulting people how to manage the online business for making the profit DOUBLE. My online expertise and innovative ideas will assuredly expand your future business scope. My main principle is actually providing a service that ensures my client’s success.

Why it’s impossible to avoid SEO Now?

About 80% website traffic comes from search engine. 93% people do some research before buying and 53% of them search for local business. Therefore, expanding business through the internet, you should remember three (3) vital things.

  1. The easily available internet makes people smart. They start selecting from searching on the internet. If you’re present in their search, you might take their decision to you, because your website talks why you.
  2. Three toppers get the most organic visitors.
  3. Many people never scroll down even the first page. So can you realize the scenario of the others?

Why Hire an SEO Expert?

Let me start with a small story. Tom Wicker has just started a new e-commerce business and is overwhelmed with the pressures. Although he has an excellent marketing team, a great website and great products, he still isn’t making enough sales, and feels as though his competitors are literally hogging up all his clients. He decides to take matters into his own hands and starts to investigate the reason.

After careful analysis, he realizes that his marketing team is doing their job just right, but the problem is that people who are looking for products that he has are finding his competitor’s sites first. A friend of his suggests he hire an expert who knows the ins and outs of how Google and other search engines rank web pages. This may help his website claw its way up the ranking ladder, to come in full view of prospective clients. He gives it a shot and consults with an SEO expert (Search Engine Optimization). 

Hire an SEO Expert

An SEO expert is a person who is trained and skilled to research and analyze trends in search engine algorithms and find the best practices to improve ranks of any website in the search results. Surely enough, the SEO expert finds out a number of flaws in Tom’s company website that are taking it down the ranks. Once he takes care of these, Tom finds his website drawing in more revenue than it ever did before.

If you want to stay ahead in the modern online rat race, you have to up your SEO game, or else, risk getting left behind. Following are a few ways investing in an SEO expert will benefit your company:

Cost Effective

Knowledge & Expertise

Time Saving

Keeping Updated

Analysis of Results

Hiring an SEO expert is an investment, not an expenditure. Trust an SEO expert to bring your business right under the fingertips of your customers.

5 Reasons Why You Should Hire SEO Professional Md Faruk Khan

Reason-1: I am 100% Transparent

Reason-2: I am Marketing Savvy

Reason-3: I have a thorough Understanding of all SEO levels

Reason-4: My focus is on getting your Company Results, rather than just RANK

Reason-5: I am Always Up to Date

Call me now : +8801708 590 337

Client Say About Us

Team Khan IT did a great job with our website. Within three months, we found ourselves at the very top of Google ranks. They have displayed a high level of transparency and professionalism throughout my interactions with them. Mr. Faruk Khan has been very helpful and has provided me with a lot of insights. The team has briefed me on the status of the site on a regular basis and has been exceptionally supportive and helpful whenever I had any concerns. The website looks great and word about us has been catching on fast. Would love to continue working with this team on a regular basis.

Mohammad Ali

Mohammad Ali

Deputy Director BIGM

Khan IT has done a great job with my personal profile. I was a bit skeptical about approaching an organization for my own personal branding, but I am so glad I did. They helped me design my personal snippet on the google SERP, advised me on how I should develop a great Linkedin profile and aided me in adding an edge of professionalism across all my social media profiles. My visibility seems to have increased ten-fold overnight. Now I dominate the entire first page on Google. Within two months I started to find my inbox fill in with thousands of enquirers, and offers.


Gaushey Alexander

Film Director