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Self Branding | An Effective Way of Marketing Yourself

Before starting Self-Branding, it is crucial to know What is a Brand?

The brand is a kind of trademark the way you present yourself to your business clients. A brand can be a unique product, name, service, concept or a combination of all these that are publicly different from others names products, services, or ideas. So you can advertise and market it.

You can present a Brand in the form of a logo, a graphic symbol of the brand. For example, I’m a SEO expert. If you know me as a SEO professional in Bangladesh or Dhaka, and I’m your first choice; I can say that I’m a brand. Self-branding is a must before branding anything.

Do you know What Self-Branding is?

It’s the exercise of promoting yourself and career as a product. In this practice, individual and entrepreneur make them different from others. It’s like people can identify your unique skills, strength, and talent in a crowd. You may create a uniform public image that brings out your reputation.

In this concept, you may present something in various groups and collect its feedback from them. You can convert your virtual identity into a brand, as a faster growth of the virtual world. You’ve to create an impression about you in the mind of others.

In brief, self-branding is presenting yourself and your services in front of people. It’s the best way to land a great career.​

Personal Branding

Importance of Self-Branding

It’s well-known that self-branding is important for lots of reasons. It provides a focal point for self-development while presenting you as a reflection director.It’s really great for a successful career, allows self-will and passion. Career success and personal branding have a mutual relation, which has the potential to launch you to a new elevation.

Personal Brand may always be influenced by an entrepreneur to get back force, detain concentration and still begin a new dealing more rapidly than their earlier one. Consider most great entrepreneurs, for instance, Bill Gates, Mark Elliot Zuckerberg, and Richard Branson.

Even Steven Paul Jobs was an American Entrepreneur and Marketer who were the originator, co-founder, chairman and CEO of Apple Inc before his death. Everybody knows their name for their activities. The main thing is you are familiar with their name, and they have an intelligence of trustworthiness and esteem that your beliefs and admire.

They bring into being ways to utilize their qualities, individualities, and intelligence to their gain. As an Entrepreneur, you also have to make a brand if you desire to go for a long-term line of business as a business proprietor.

Making a personal brand assists to bring in professional prospect.

  • Create your Unique skill - In a highly spirited market, it is imperative for you to be prominent. One time you realize your personal brand muscularly – it will facilitate you to place yourself as unique and exceptional.
  • Superior career opportunities – appointing executives and Recruiters are swamped with the similar type of contestants on a steady basis. If you have a physically powerful brand, you are repeatedly growing your availability in the market. You are exposing yourself to more opportunities than the regular human being.
  • It facilitates you to illuminate easily what your niche is. It is not possible to be the whole thing for one and all. Person’s name as the best participant who has achieved a status as the winner in several games. Similarly, the equal goes for all. Building a personal brand lends a hand you to recognize your winning point – this gives you more simplicity to build on your strength.
  • Allow the customers come up to you. If you are self-employed, freelancer or a business owner – your personal brand develop into an addition to your small business. People know you well and they are more tending to buy from you.
  • It formulates you dedicated to your Personal improvement. Once you have acknowledged what your expertise and weakness are – you are more probable to recover it. In words, you will continue polishing your skills and knowledge. That will assist you to secure to a dedicated development preparation.

How to Brand Yourself

Knowing how to brand yourself starts with exposing your personal brand. Personal Branding is a mixture of your wellbeing, thinking, culture, morals, abilities and skills surrounded by numbers of additional personalities.

On one instance you find out and categorize your personal brand, you will be prepared to be trained how to brand yourself.

Social Medias like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, GooglePlus, and Youtube channels all are big platforms to become well known. By connecting with all of them you can do engage with their vast audience and can make strong relationships on a worldwide range. To be a Brand is most important for a successful entrepreneur.

To become a brand, first of all, you need to focus on following things:

  • What are your main strengths?
  • What makes you stand out?
  • What makes you unique?

Then you’ve to keep your eyes on, which is needed to know about your service or your reputation, and your skill. You only target those people who can take your service and who are interested in your product. When you’ll categorize these people, you’ll build your personal branding strategy around these particular people.

To recognize your competition and competitors are very much essential for self-branding. Then you must create platforms to communicate with real clients.

In spite of having a good reputation without your presence through online, you won’t be able to reach your goal. Your goal must be to occupy the first place of Google result page with many positive results.

Some things you need to be considered for creating your brand value. Some of those are-

  • Start Treating Yourself as a Brand.
  • Ensure Your Online Presence.
  • Secure a Personal Website.

Self Branding doesn’t mean to focus something new on building a reflection to promote. It is all about fitting your awareness about what you act naturally. You have to be reliable and detectable with it. You also need to know all activities of your competitors by connecting with social networks. Social networking is the best platform to be well known in your industry.

On long term basis, to grow your business, it is evident to build a relationship with people from your audience. Without hard working, proper concentration, and enough knowledge it’s difficult to become successful.

Personal branding can create an established connection with your targeted audience.

7 key elements to build Personal Branding


Need to be Authentic

Be Authentic

Never confess to being something that you are not. Plainly discover the excellent skills that can make you exceptional, outstanding and then establish your brand around them. Authenticity should not be unnatural.

It is the combination of your words with your activities. While you are introducing yourself to the audience you can’t go into their mind without showing your talents. To boost your business and your brand you need to be Authentic.


Be Consistent

Before buying a brand you don’t trust, you will think twice. Similarly, other people will do the same to buy your brand if they think about inconsistency.

Be Consistent

If you think you are a brand and persuasive speech, you need to make sure you are delivering the right information and content that are suitable for your brand. For example, if you declared a “pollution free” approach to your target, you shouldn’t approve a product that will increase the contamination of the city.

Also, if you are available through on-line, you need to make sure that your on-line representation is equivalent to your regular activities.


Your Story

People always love to hear stories from others. Your story can strongly effect on your personal branding. In traditional marketing, storytelling is most effective because it makes the audience emotional.

A good story is a perfect reflection of you and your activities to represent yourself.

Story of Life

Expand Expertise

Your brand will be weakening without relevant authority. Your objective is to build up a role that is appreciated and trusted by individuals who decided to work with you.

The superior pointer always considers winning brands. Every successful brand must have the expertise to show off.

First, you need to find out your skills and attach to it. The most doing well influencers center of attention is to work within a particular business, or niche.

Your public image will help to engage people to give attention, but your expertise level will allow them to track you.

Expand Knowledge

Identify Core Values

Each winning brand truthfully and succinctly shares their central part of values, and you should think to make the equal. Your consistency, information, modernism, and smooth product quality are incorporated with the core values of your brand.

In reality, you possibly will sum up the idea of core values by thinking of which or what one remark you desire people to apply when they think of you.

Identify Core Values


You are simply comparable to the people you recognize. Connections play important roles to build your personal brand.

Relationships will help you to introduce with others and at the same time increase your network, which will give you testimonials on your character and it will explain about yourself.

Create connection

Be Professional

Even as your business will define the level of professionalism essential, your brand must gather and beat those principles.

If you are in at workplace, this may contain how you converse distinction of judgment.

In any case, each successful business brand knows and admires the value of managing insightful issues with deference and professionalism.

Be Professional

Finally, it can be said that self-branding is a continuing process, which creates an impression of an individual, group or organization to others. Branding yourself insists that success appears from self-labeling.

You must need to pay extra concentration in personal branding for a better career. This can make you exceptional, and unique in the market. In a word brand is unique and personal branding is building you as a unique in the marketplace.

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