At this moment in time, you will find numerous numbers of SEO plugins for a WordPress site. If you don’t believe my words, try searching on your own.

For the newcomers in the SEO sector, it is impossible to find out the best SEO plugins without having any idea of it. And, when there are hundreds of plugins, at that time, the job of selecting the right one becomes a challenging one.

Therefore, I will be talking about 5 best SEO plugins for WordPress websites in this post. I can assure you that the following discussion will give you a precise idea about which plugins to choose from hundreds of available options.

Top 5 SEO Plugins For Your WordPress Site

1. Yoast SEO

At the present moment, Yoast SEO is known as the most popular WordPress SEO plugin accepted and used by SEO experts from all corners of the world.

The primary SEO related tasks you can do using the Yoast SEO plugin are as follows –

  • XML sitemap site creation.
  • Verifying sites in Webmaster Tools of Google, Baidu, Yandex, Bing, etc.).
  • Choosing Focus Keywords.
  • Creating and Optimizing title and meta descriptions.
  • Optimizing the AMP pages.
  • Enhancing the readability of your content.

Apart from the SEO tasks mentioned above, there are lots of other SEO jobs you can do with the help of this fantastic WordPress SEO plugin.

2. Rank Math

At this moment in time, Rank Math is known to be the most POWERFUL and High-Efficient SEO plugins available for the WordPress platform. I personally like the User Interface of this SEO plugin as it comes with a user-friendly interface. Even if you are a newcomer you won’t face any problem while installing this SEO plugin for the first time.

This powerful SEO plugin comes with the following efficient SEO features that you won’t find on the competitors’ plugins –

  • Integration of Google Search Console data.
  • Redirection of 301, 302, 307, 410, 451.
  • Card previews for Twitter and Facebook.
  • Rich snippets markup.

If you are currently using any other SEO plugin, you will get an option of importing data and previous settings while installing Rank Math on your WordPress for the first time.

3. Easy Table of Contents

It is recommended from Google to break your long piece of content into smaller sections with associated on-page anchors.

And, this is what this “Table of Content” plugin does – adding a perfect table of content to your blog post and pages so that users can find them easy-to-navigate.

Since this ‘Table of Content’ plugin can break your lengthy content into smaller pieces with associated anchors for easy navigation, so it creates a positive impact on the overall SEO of your site and those posts and pages. This approach will also lead to an increase in dwell time and a decrease in the bounce rate as well.

4. Broken Link Checker

The Broken Link Checker is one of my favorite WordPress SEO plugins. I personally have got a huge benefit from this particular WordPress SEO plugin. To be frank, this SEO plugin can save a hell lot of your time when you have lots of websites to manage.

This simple plugin will help you find out all the broken links – both internal and external – of your website.

The major benefit of this plugin is that it runs all the time in the background. It continuously checks for broken links so that it can notify you whenever it finds out one.

5. Shortpixel

Shortpixel is a great tool that can compress and optimize all the images on your WordPress site.

It is important to let you know the fact that images take too much to load if they are not optimized and compressed. As a result, this will lead to an increase in the overall loading time of your website.

At this moment in time, we all know how important page speed is when it comes to getting a higher rank in the search engine results page. So, using this WordPress plugin will make tension free regarding the loading issues of your images.

In addition to the 5 WordPress SEO plugins I have mentioned in the above discussion, there are lots of other powerful and efficient SEO plugins as well. I will try to write another post regarding those SEO plugins in the near future.

That’s all for today!