You may be wondering why I am connecting Social Media with SEO (Search Engine Optimization). But the fact is that social media, contrary to the traditional or belief beliefs, has a strong connection with Search Engine Optimization or SEO (in short). Although it is not a direct connection, yet there is some definite indirect connection.

This is the main reason social media marketers nowadays invest a good amount of money in social media marketing.

So, the question popping up in your mind right now is – “what are the top social media strategies for improving the overall SEO rankings?”

In this article, I will talk about 5 of the most critical social media practices that can improve your overall SEO efforts.

Let’s jump right in….

1. Publishing High-Quality Content

Publishing High Quality Content

With the continuous changes in the SEO industry, social media marketing has also taken a new shape. Besides, Google bots have also developed in a way so that it considers user search intention as the primary factor while showing results in the SERPs.

To grab the attention of Google bots and other search algorithms, you have to give a higher-level focus on quality. Some newcomers may put their focus on quantity, yet quality will always be the most important one.

When you publish something on your website or social media accounts, at that time, never do it hurriedly. Instead, make a proper plan for publishing posts and follow the schedule accordingly.

For this purpose, you can also apply the Skyscraper technique as this method comes with several benefits for your site for getting backlinks from sites with high authority.

2. Sharing Option Should Be Easy

Sharing Option Should Be Easy

We all know the fact that people use social media accounts for a variety of purposes. But when it comes to marketers, their primary goal is to reach more customers to enhance the brand image of the companies they are working for. For any brand, reaching out to more and more people can help grow brand awareness, increasing new leads.

But you can’t achieve your marketing goal unless your followers find the sharing option of your post or content easy enough as most of them are non-techies. Therefore, you need to understand that you have to make the sharing option or functionality of your social media posts an easy one for all of your followers.

3. Optimizing Social Media Profiles

Optimizing Social Media Profiles

At this moment in time, most potential clients will make a quick analysis of your social media profiles before they reach out to you. A simple search on Google using your name can give the basic idea of who you are and what you do.

Even when you are applying for a new job, the HR & other hiring managers may ask you for the links of your social media profiles. And this also happens for the same reason.

For these reasons, you must optimize your social media profiles. For your business, try to keep all the social media profiles updated in accordance to your blog or website.

4. Don’t Forget to Optimize the Images

Don’t Forget to Optimize the Images

Photos or images are currently one of the most critical parts of any marketing strategy or communication. They are really incredible when it comes to developing your brand image or awareness. Also, placing suitable and informative images to your blog posts and social media profiles makes it easy for your followers to understand what you are trying to explain.

Even with authority images (meaning the infographics), you can easily earn backlinks for your website. And this will cost you nothing.

It is, however, important to keep in mind that you have to optimize all of your images before you upload them to your blog posts or social media profiles. Here, optimizing means, I am referring to optimize your images for search engines. This may include putting the appropriate file name, selecting the proper image format, making the images responsive, reducing the file sizes for making it load faster, and others as well.

5. Giving Focus on Your Social Media Posts’ Captions

Giving Focus on Your Social Media Posts’ Captions

Before you publish a post on your social media profiles, it vital that you should put an eye-catchy or compelling heading or caption for that post.

If you fail to craft a noticeable caption for your posts, no one will look at your posts. And this is no one wants to experience while conducting social media marketing.

So, these are 5 of the most important social media practices that you must follow for increasing SEO rankings. Although there are plenty of other SMM strategies, I think the ones mentioned above are the most significant.

So, this was all I had planned to share with you this time.

Take Care!