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Md Abdul Hamid asked 2 months ago

Greetings of the day. I want to host a website names “www.mdabdulhamid.com”. But problem is that, the keyword “md abdul hamid” is using by others website and also ranking on first page on google. Mentionable that, all website ranking are educational and I want to build a website that related to SEO Service. Should I avoid this domain or continue with this domain?
Waiting for your priceless answer.
With thanks,
Md Abdul Hamid

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Md Faruk Khan Staff answered 2 months ago

Hello Hamid, don’t worry at all. Since you’re getting the exact match domain name that is mdabdulhamid.com, so if you start working with your niche “SEO”, you’ll get your ranking for the query “md abdul hamid” very soon. Just start …

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