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Kaj Tareq asked 1 week ago

Ami mainly blogging korte cassi and er pasapasi ecommerce er product selling erw akta option raktesi. akhon ami same related onek gula website e follow korlam je tara product url er age brand name category use kore. akhon amar prosno holo kon url ta valo hobe
(www.example.com/brand/product) ei url ta naki
ei 2ta url er modde best konta hobe. same niche er top er koyekta website e deklam
(www.example.com/hp/hp-core-i3-laptop). oraw mainly blogging kore. akhon url e product er brand name category rakle beshi valo hobe naki shudu matro domain/product-url dile better hobe

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Md Faruk Khan Staff answered 1 week ago

If your brand name is popular like HP, Samsung (people search this product with a brand) then you should go for  http://www.example.com/brand/product , but my personal opinion is to choose the second one http://www.example.com/product . Because this URL is based on the product name, that people normally search for.

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