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HATIL Furniture SEO Case Study Summary

  • Project Duration: 12 months
  • Website: hatil.com
  • Total Keywords: 500
  • Google 1st Page Rank: 487 keywords
  •  Organic Growth: 73%
hatil seo case study organic growth


Khan IT was initially contacted by HATIL in 2020 with the request that we conduct top-down organic business growth for their website. They wanted Khan IT to implement various SEO and business growth strategies to increase their website traffic and content ranking.

At the beginning HATIL asked Khan IT to work with around 500 keywords and ensure their top ranking. We were also asked to see which other areas of their website we can improve and implement SEO in.

Initial Assessment and Strategy

Khan IT initiated the process by conducting a comprehensive audit of HATIL's website, pinpointing critical areas in need of enhancement. We developed a customized SEO and content strategy using the insights gathered from the audit and additional research. We aimed to enhance HATIL's online visibility and meet its target objectives.


Here is a short overview of the challenges we overcame:

  1. 1
    Poor Traffic: The website’s traffic was lacking when we initiated our audit. A lower amount of traffic meant ranking any website content would be more difficult.
  2. 2
    Website Structure: Our audit and research also showed that HATIL’s website wasn’t fully optimized. These led to slower website reload time and other technical issues.
  3. 3
    Lack of Blog Content: Upon beginning the project, we identified a deficiency in keyword-optimized content, posing a challenge to enhance their organic business growth.
  4. 4
    Location: One issue we found in our research was that HATIL information lacked their actual location. This was an issue since new consumers could not contact them.

Once we were able to identify these challenges, Khan IT was able to refine its custom plan. With a new plan, we implemented our strategy that overcame all these challenges and produced amazing results for HATIL furniture.


  • YouTube Videos: Understanding how effective videos are for improving business growth, we created over 74 videos for HATIL on their products. Each of the videos is custom-made with professional actors on real sets. All of the videos were voiced in Bangla and English with appropriate subtitles. 
  • Product Image Optimization: High-quality, optimized images help improve a website’s ranking on search engines. As such, Khan IT sourced over 200 product images from HATIL and optimized them to make them appealing and SEO-friendly. 
  • On-Page SEO: We meticulously optimized every product title and meta description to align with current search trends and user intent.
  • Region-specific SEO: We implemented region-specific SEO tactics to ensure we target audience near the various HATIL branches in the country.
  • Technical SEO: Conducting a comprehensive technical SEO audit, we identified and swiftly resolved any technical errors on their website, enhancing overall optimization.
  • Blog Content: We developed the HATIL website’s blog page and included high-volume competitive keyword content on a monthly basis. Each and every content were hand written for authenticity in both English and Bangla.
  • Wikipedia Page: To help improve the website and brand image, we created a custom-made Wikipedia page for HATIL with accurate information.

The Result

Near the end of the first year of our working with HATIL, we provided them with very good results. First, within one year, we ranked 500+ keywords in Google. Of the 500+ keywords, we were able to rank 450+ of them on Google's first page and the rest on the second page. At the same time, we boosted HATIL’s website organic traffic by about 73% from our initial assessment.

From the second year till the end of our contract, we kept the website traffic at the same position. During the second year, we increased the number of ranked keywords for HATIL from 500+ to 900+. Out of the 900+ keywords we ranked, over 85% of them were on Google’s first page.

hatil seo case study keyword ranking