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Walton SEO Case Study Summary

  • Project Duration: 12 months
  • Website: waltonbd.com
  • Total Keywords: 213
  • Google 1st Page Rank: 210 keywords
  •  Organic Growth: 104%
walton bd seo case study organic growth


Walton Hi-Tech PLC gave us 213 high-volume competitive keywords related to their products, which they wanted us to rank on Google’s first page. They also wanted us to rank all of these keywords within 6 (six months).

We built our custom SEO optimization plan around their request, including other details that would boost their overall organic traffic.

Initial Assessment and Strategy

Khan IT began with a thorough audit of Walton's website, identifying critical areas needing improvement. Armed with a list of high-competition keywords provided by Walton and supplemented by our research, we crafted a bespoke SEO and content strategy. We aimed to elevate Walton's online presence and meet their aggressive targets.


Despite facing challenges related to website structure and content deficits, Khan IT's adaptable and innovative strategies ensured that these obstacles were transformed into opportunities for growth and engagement.

Here is a short overview of the challenges we overcame:

  1. 1
    Time Limit: Ranking 213 high volume highly competitive keywords and reaching Google's first page within six months was difficult.
  2. 2
    Website Structure: WHIPLC's website structure was not search engine-friendly when we started to work with them. This causes issues when we are ranking the keywords.
  3. 3
    Lack of Optimized Content: When we started to work on their request, we found a lack of keyword-optimized content, which made it harder to boost their organic business growth.

Once we were able to identify these challenges, Khan IT was able to refine its custom plan. With a new plan, we implemented our strategy that overcame all these challenges and produced amazing results for WHIPLC.


  • Content Optimization: We revamped product category pages with keyword-optimized content, enhancing readability and search relevance.
  • On-Page SEO: Each product title and meta description was meticulously optimized to align with search trends and user intent.
  • Technical SEO: We did an overall technical SEO audit to find any technical errors in their website and swiftly solved them for better optimization.
  • Visual Enhancements: Recognizing the power of visuals, we improved the quality of product images, making them more appealing and SEO-friendly.
  • Website Structure: Reorganizing products under proper subheadings enhanced the website's navigability and user experience.
  • Blog Development: Starting from scratch, we developed a blog page and committed to publishing at least 20,000 words of unique, keyword-rich content monthly.

The Result

Khan IT's efforts bore fruit spectacularly. Initially, Walton's organic traffic stood at 210,000/month. After six months of rigorous SEO work, we achieved first-page rankings for 210 out of 213 targeted keywords and doubled the organic traffic to an astounding 444,000/month.

walton seo case study keyword ranking