Hello, this is MD Faruk Khan here! I am an SEO Expert in Bangladesh and a Social Media Marketing strategist from Bangladesh

I am an Internet Marketer and a Business fanatic from the core. I have spent a very large portion of my life training in and then providing training to others about SEO, a vast idea about Digital Marketing, and Business Development. I am also sharing my knowledge through my YouTube channel and SEO training in Bangladesh, I love to share knowledge and I have succeeded in spreading my knowledge across the globe.

 I have been working with both small and large-scale organizations since 2014. Besides organizations and Businesses, I have also worked with lots of individuals and solopreneurs. I have helped to establish and expand their online presence by top-notch branding strategies.

Actually, this is just not about me; it’s all about YOU – my visions, my clients. You have come here not to know who I am; you’re here to know how I can help and what I can do for YOU and YOUR BUSINESS. So here’s a breakdown of how I can make a difference to you or your business.


A Social Media Marketer is an online marketing specialist who works with different kinds of business owners to create an effective marketing strategy allowing them to get recognized in the competition. Starting from the research of your website and content development following the latest trend and always keep up to date your everyday social media activities.

The best SEO expert monitors everything properly to get a better outcome of your business.

My team and I create highly effective search engine optimization and social media strategies that help you to place your business on the navigation. Our main concern is our clients. We deal with both local and international clients who seek out to become entrepreneurs with their small and medium-sized businesses. I like to keep my clients updated with the task I am given to succeed in. You’ll see me sharing my daily reports with you to keep you updated and on track with how things are going so that you can see the changes for yourself.

I believe in sharing knowledge and educating my audience about the strategies of search engine optimization and social media marketing. Therefore, I update my blog with such authentic and new strategies regularly that will help readers to get inspired and help them to become SEO Expert in Bangladesh. I also provide training to become a successful organic SEO expert and local SEO expert.

It’s never too late to start expanding your business! Search engine optimization and Social Media Marketing is the fastest route to grow your online presence. Leaving a digital footprint of your business is the era will help you gain more potential customers, as your business will be on the map for long distant clients and customers. Expanding your business overseas then seems to develop an opportunity. Even when you see the amount of competition is very high, you have to understand that there are high demand and supply of your service or product.

This is where my team and I come in with our expertise on search engine optimization and social media marketing combine our super-effective strategies with your brand and take your business to a completely new level and setting the bars of your business to untouchable heights. Social media and search engines are now an effective medium for letting others know about your business regardless of their distant location. All you need to do is just give us a few details about your business and leave the rest to our online marketing strategies. We’ll create an irreplaceable digital footprint of your business.

Now you know about how my working pattern is functioned and processed. Now let us get the dice rolling and let’s start expanding that business of your without any further a due. Every second is money so why waste these valuable times just by thinking and sitting back.

My team and I are ready to make you and your business a success in this race of highly competitive business for a stand out amongst all others for success. See the changes every day that happens to your business while creating an online presence of it with us and get ready for a roller coaster ride of your life with big successful business!



I can help to promote your business and bring a large amount of organic traffic and sales leads.


I can help you gain visibility and stay ahead of competitors


I can provide you with a comprehensive and insightful marketing strategy through my consultancy and marketing programs. This will help to enhance your business branding and online repertoire.


I can get your business to rank on the first page of Google with my expert SEO services. This way, your prospects see you first when they try to look up products or services in your niche on Google.


I can help your business multiply sales and thereby revenue, without needing to resort to paid advertising. I will set you up on Google in such a way that Google itself will become your all-time marketer!


Here are some of the services that I provide:


SEO Training

I am a professional SEO expert in Bangladesh and an SEO trainer. I have been providing SEO training in Bangladesh for the past 5 years. My vast training experience and skill in Affiliate Marketing and SEO will definitely help you face real-world challenges. I also provide training on local SEO and organic SEO. I have successfully conducted 70+ training batches and my student count exceeds a thousand.

SEO Services

I provide Local SEO services in Bangladesh for businesses. Through this service, I ensure that your business comes among the top ranks when your clients search for your target keywords in your area. I can rank your website for specific keywords that get monthly searches so that you can gain real sales. I guarantee to increase your online visibility and get more traffic within one month by my 100% white hat SEO services.


Business Consultancy

I am a professional Business Consultant who has helped numerous clients to establish their business. I run my own SEO service provider company in Bangladesh. I have helped both local and international clients to understand how to manage the online business for making the profit DOUBLE. My online expertise and innovative ideas will unquestionably expand your future business scope. My main aim is providing a service that ensures my client’s success.

Digital Marketing

I am a digital marketing expert, who is well versed with a spectrum of marketing pathways. Some of these including social media, search engines, blogs, digital advertising, email marketing, and any other online marketing strategy. I know that there are lots of digital marketing companies in Bangladesh. This is how each digital marketing campaign can support your business goals. I can also help you formulate the right online campaign for your business through both free and paid channels.


SEO is, in essence, one of the many ways of marketing your website. By nature, I am an observant person. I enjoy observing online consumer behavior and studying how this behavior is influenced by different marketing campaigns. I am well versed with top marketing strategies and have a good idea of what techniques sell and what don’t. I am thoroughly familiar with all SEO levels, including on-page, off-page social media, and technical optimization, keyword research and even penalty recovery.

It is a known fact that Google updates its search algorithms on quite a regular basis. This is Google’s way of keeping search results fresh and relevant and discouraging black hat SEO. I make it a point to always keep myself up-to-date about the latest updates so that I am armed and prepared to act as and when needed.

My given experience and the amount of research I put into SEO, I can easily say that I have gained professional expertise in the field of SEO and am capable enough to help you build your website and rank it up too.  I consider myself to be an SEO professional.


It is a very common question for most of the entrepreneur that why is SEO important for their business organization or web presence and how to rank on a search engine in a short time? It looks like maybe you are very much worried about your website or business organization to rank rapidly leading the market to increase your sells.

 You will get the answer in a different way from different SEO companies.

As an SEO expert, my answer is SEO is just not only important for your online business but also you need to promote your website to expand your business locally or worldwide.

 My team and I are the top best SEO service provider in Bangladesh. We provide complete SEO solution for your business both off-page and on-page. While doing SEO you must need to know is your website user-friendly or not because if the website is not user-friendly the audience will not stay at your web page at the same time the site contents need to be unique, informative and SEO friendly.



In the SEO industry of Bangladesh, everybody wants to know what makes us the best SEO service providing company in Bangladesh! The answer is very simple because we use white hat SEO techniques and we always follow the latest technology to expand your online presence and increase sales.

You must know that without traffic your website can’t achieve maximum profit and can’t reach on top in the competition. Our complete SEO is the perfect solution to derive traffic to your website within a very short time.

You ensure that your website will rank top on Google search engine within a short time.

Most of our clients are very happy to work with us. We follow all white hat techniques, all ranking factors and search engine guidelines to rank fast. We are the best to keyword research.

We understand your needs and for any business, everybody loves to see their business promoted in a very short time. But maybe you don’t know how to reach on top or how to solve these problems. Our world-class expert team is here to boost organic traffic in your online business.

We are working on this sector from last 5years and we have solved heaps of digital marketing projects and most of our clients love to work with us on a long run basis. If you are eagerly waiting to expand your business and want to make it a brand right away then you can join our team.

We strictly follow all the rules and regulations to rank on the search engine. We never allow any kind of black hat SEO tricks for our services.

By working with my team you will get a perfect idea regarding digital marketing strategy and SEO.

We are always ready to answer your queries regarding digital marketing and our goal is to serve the best quality services to our clients.


It doesn’t matter if your business is e-commerce in Bangladesh or a multi-national organization. Your online presence says a lot about you. It can make or break your company’s reputation and thereby revenue. As an SEO expert is usually well versed with all aspects of marketing, business, and SEO, you can typically get a 360-degree view of your prospects from a Search Engine Optimization Specialist.  Then you can see for yourself, which would be the best course of action to ensure more traffic, higher ranks or better business.

 I am a marketing guru, a Local SEO expert, Trainer and SEO specialist. I wouldn’t call myself the best SEO specialist, but if you look me up, you’ll see I’m somewhere among the top-most.


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