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Best SEO & Freelancing Training in Bangladesh

Are you struggling to find the Best SEO & Freelancing Training in Dhaka? Well, I think you are on right track. One can start freelancing easily by doing a practical SEO. SEO is one of the most important parts of Digital Marketing.

A freelancer is a self-employed person who takes the job on his own. A freelancer works based on his skills. He can be hired on a project basis or hourly basis according to his availability and his expertise level. It all goes through online.

Specially freelancing can be for those people who want to earn money from home but don’t know how to start, from where to start and who will provide best SEO and freelancing training in Dhaka in a proper way.

I highly recommend Md. Faruk Khan from CVLinked Training to anyone looking for a fresh eye and a perfect outcome. CVLinked Training is one of the best SEO and Freelancing training centers in Dhaka. During my entire course, I found MD. Faruk Khan is an amazing instructor with great skill! He is eager, professional and a highly qualified expert in his field.

Before I didn’t have much knowledge of Advanced SEO. After joining CVLinked Training I realized that it’s never been that difficult to be a freelancer. Only 12 classes made me an SEO expert. If you are looking for a best SEO and freelancing training in Dhaka I must say CVLinked Training is perfect for you. To be an SEO expert it’s not mandatory to have knowledge on IT.

Finally, I must say the best SEO and freelancing training in Dhaka is all about providing you proper knowledge on Practical SEO concerning freelancing and I can make sure you will be able to make your career as a freelancer easily.

Student’s Feedback about SEO Training

Tahmina rimmi

Tahmina Rimmi

I am Tahmina Rimmi, who is positive about every appearance of life. There are many things need to do in life for better experience. As a housewife making crafts, cooking delicious food was not enough for me. Lets share my SEO journey with great experience.

The sky without clouds is like a blank mind. I always wanted to see myself as an entrepreneur. But I was unable to decide how and where to start. I had zero knowledge about online marketing. After seeing so many advertisements and specially my sister convinced and forced me to admitted somewhere. After that i came to know about BITM.

Here in BITM, I got to know about SEO which means Serach Engine Optimization. Then I thought and decided to learn SEO. I started my class in SEO batch no. 32 and our mentor was Md Faruk Khan sir, who is very helpful and inspiring.

SEO is a process which makes a website attractive, relevant and indexed by search engines in the most effective manner with search engine rules and regulations. We easily search on google but we have no idea how the website indexed and ranked in google first page.

We need to follow so many search engine rules and strategy for site ranking on google first page by SEO. At first I learned about niche selection and started Keyword research, which is the most important part on SEO,is a practice SEO experts use to find and research actual search terms that people find out search engine for better ranking.

Then On-Page SEO is another essential and important part, which includes title, meta description, url, heading tag, anchor text and also internal and external linking, image SEO. And off-page seo means is a techniques that can be used to improve the position of a web site in the search engine results page which includes blog commenting, link building, social media.

There are so many paid and free tools to accomplish the SEO parts for website. Without SEO online marketing, website ranking and search engine ranking is not possible ever.

So here is my short experience and knowledge I discussed about SEO. Now as a SEO expert I want to suggest the beginners to learn about SEO before starting a online business locally and globally.