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Welcome to Advanced SEO Training. This is a training, which focuses on the advanced methods of SEO for Basic SEO Experts. If you want to put your names with the top rated SEO Experts in Bangladesh, then this is your opportunity to learn and gain practical knowledge on the advanced methods of SEO through this Advanced SEO Training. To get the best SEO training in Bangladesh to join and enroll yourself in the best SEO training center in Dhaka.

This course will teach you the important and updated strategies for ranking any website in Google. After completing this course, you will be ready to grab big projects with high budget and can grab big industries with big SEO Projects. Not only will you be able to work for big industries, you will learn to create your own earning source from your website. You will not have to be dependent on marketplaces. This course will teach you new methods of earning from online.

I, MD Faruk Khan, SEO Expert and Affiliate Marketer, will conduct Advanced SEO Training. If you think you want to become a part of the freelancing world, then this is your chance to get the best SEO Training in Bangladesh and start your online earning. Through this SEO Training, you will become one-step closer to earn money just by working in your home. Once you complete you full courses on SEO, you will be able to get and handle big projects from big industries. Many students have completed this course and are now making money more than you can think off just by sitting at their home.

This course will help you discover how tricks and techniques on how to rank any website and drive a lot of traffic or visitors to any site. In addition, you will know how to earn on your own without having to worry about opening an account in a marketplace. So without any further delay, enroll yourself in the finest and Best SEO Training Center in Dhaka and get a chance to become a successful freelancer and fulfill your dream.

Introduction to SEO and SEO Training in Bangladesh

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process by which any website is brought in rank in a Search Engine. A beginner might ask what a search engine is. A search engine is a place in that found using the internet, which helps find websites when searched. A search engine is a like website bank. It contains infinity websites. There are many search engines. For example:















DuckDuckGo and many more

Amongst all these, Google is the most popular search engine and used by many. According to statistics, Google has about 1 billion active users every month. Google is a very user-friendly search engine, thus its popularity has created a standard boundary, which is almost impossible to reach by other search engines.

Coming back to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), there are many strategies that are used to rank a website. Each category of website has its own particular strategy and set of rules to help it rank. All these strategies and rules are taught in centers that provide SEO Training in Bangladesh. A lot of SEO Firm is present in Bangladesh. SEO Experts in Bangladesh manages these firms.

Why should you do SEO Training?

Freelancing or outsourcing is now considered as one of the most reputed occupation in Bangladesh. Bangladesh rank in the 2nd position in the world for most freelancers who do outsourcing. This rank helps the freelancers get more projects from clients, helping the nation’s annual income. The reason why many choose freelancing as their career is because of the comfort that it provides. One can simply earn a lot of money just by sitting at their home. All you need is a fast internet, a well-configured personal computer or laptop, a bank account where you can make international transactions for receiving money from clients after the work is complete, and most importantly, the skills and knowledge of that particular field that you wish to pursue your online career. There are a lot of fields in which you can develop your skills for online earning. Some of them are SEO, Digital Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Website Designing, Website Development, and Graphics Designing. Each of these categories of freelancing has a sub field. Example: graphics designing has t-shirt designing, logo designing, business card designing, fliers and posters and many more. For becoming an expert in Digital Marketing and Affiliate Marketing, one must have a full knowledge in SEO. Without the proper and full knowledge in SEO, one cannot gain success in the field of Digital Marketing and Affiliate Marketing. This is where center who provide SEO Training in Bangladesh comes in playing the most vital and effective role in the SEO Training in BD.

For running a SEO Training center in Dhaka, the SEO Training center must have a Professional SEO Expert in Bangladesh as their Lead trainer. The trainer plays the key role in a SEO Training center. In other words, the trainer is the backbone of that SEO Training Institute in Bangladesh. It is because of the trainer’s experience, knowledge, and skills that a person can become a successful SEO Expert in Bangladesh. When a student of a particular SEO Training center starts earning money and becomes successful after completing the course, it is then that center gains the reputation of providing the best SEO Training in Bangladesh. The main credit then goes to the SEO Expert Trainer who provides the Best SEO Training. It is hard to trust a SEO Training Centers in Dhaka who provides SEO Training in BD. The reason for not able to bring trust on such SEO Training institutes in Bangladesh is because most of them do not have an experienced and skilled trainer. Most of this SEO Training Centers in Bangladesh has trainers who just finished their SEO Training in Bangladesh under some other SEO Training Institute. These trainers do not have the depth knowledge about SEO and does not know how to provide a good SEO Training. Lacking remains in the students who get their SEO Training under such trainers. Therefore, it is advised to all who are interested to enroll their career in the field of SEO, and wants to start their journey as a freelancer, to be trained under professional SEO Experts in Bangladesh who runs the best SEO Training Center in Dhaka and provides the best SEO Training in Bangladesh. Only way to determine the true and real Professional SEO Experts in Bangladesh in by looking up for them in Google and going through a manual check up about their profile.

As you all know, I am a Professional and a Local SEO Expert in Bangladesh. I now have my own SEO Training center in Dhaka I provide the best SEO Training in Bangladesh. If you are looking for the best SEO Training in Bangladesh, then come, join me, start your successful career on online earning, and become a successful freelancer. Our SEO Training in Bangladesh is very much unique and different from other SEO Training in Bangladesh as we focus on making you earn through marketplaces and also, creating new methods of earning where you don’t have to be dependent on the market place for earning. A lot of SEO Experts in Bangladesh has completed their training under my SEO Training Center in Dhaka. Some of them have now opened their own SEO Firm in Bangladesh. Others work at a SEO Firm in Bangladesh as, a SEO Expert in Bangladesh.

Importance of SEO Training In Bangladesh

Search Engine Optimization or SEO in one the most crucial technique that you need to master for ranking a website in any search engine. In order to master it you must get the proper SEO Training in Bangladesh from an SEO Expert in Bangladesh, who is a lead trainer in a SEO Training center in Dhaka, and has worked for a SEO Firm in Bangladesh. If you do not know the proper techniques of doing SEO on a website, the website will not rank in a search engine. There are many methods and ways to rank any website in a search engine. Our SEO Training in Bangladesh will show and teach all the methods that can be used for ranking any website in a search engine. We feel that it is necessary for a SEO Expert in Bangladesh to know all the methods of SEO that can be beneficial for ranking any website in a search engine. Thus, our SEO Training in Bangladesh focuses on both organic and paid campaign methods of ranking any website. What is organic method? Organic method of SEO is that method that is done without any investment on marketing campaign. In other words, it is the method of using free tools and websites for ranking any website in Google. All the freelancers around the world mostly follow this organic method. This method of SEO takes quite a good amount of time. However, the result that is obtained using the organic method is very much beneficial and effective than any other methods as it provides a long lasting positive result that the client wants. Paid campaign is that method of marketing where you need to pay the search engine money to show you website in the first page of that search engine you paid. A certain amount of money keeps on being deducted as visitors come and visit your site. This quick method of ranking is not very effective at all and provides a result that is helpful for a very short term. Our SEO Training in Bangladesh do not suggest you this method of doing SEO on your clients work. We only suggest those methods that have a long time positive impact on the client’s website benefiting both the SEO Expert in Bangladesh as well as the business of the clients.

Course Outline of Our SEO Training

It is very important that you understand and know beforehand that what you will be learning in your SEO Training in BD. It is not necessary that you need the practical knowledge about the SEO Training, just the normal sense of understanding what it is will do. You will get the full knowledge and understanding during your SEO Training that you will do in the center you wish to be enrolled for your SEO Training in BD. The practical knowledge is the vital key in the SEO Training in BD to achieve success. If a center does not provide any practical training in their SEO Training in BD, then the trainee most likely to become unsuccessful. Practical SEO Training in BD is a very important thing to learn and keep on practicing because without the practical knowledge of SEO, you cannot work on your client’s website and thus you will become a failure. So therefore, whenever you plan to start your SEO Training in BD, make sure you enroll yourself in such a SEO Training Institute in Dhaka that provides practical knowledge in their SEO Training in Bangladesh. Search Engine optimization has many topics that needs to be cover completely with full understanding and practical during the SEO Training in BD. A trainee must know how to carry out a particular part of SEO and implement it on their clients’ website. A trainee should also know what is wrong with the clients’ website and what must be done as a solution to fix the error. This things are taught and discussed in the centers that are providing SEO Training in BD. Let us have a look what are the topics that a SEO Training Center in Dhaka must provide in their SEO Training in Bangladesh.

The first step in SEO Training in Bangladesh is to know your platform where you will be implementing your SEO techniques that you learn in your SEO Training in BD. There are different components of search engine and thus you must know how it works. Also, a SEO Expert MUST use techniques that are legal, in other words, a SEO Expert in Bangladesh MUST use a WHITE HAT techniques in their SEO. Therefore, it is very important for a SEO Training Institute in Bangladesh to make ensure that their techniques that they teach in their SEO Training in BD are legal. If one uses the illegal techniques, then the website they implement on will face many problems and face penalty by Google. To summarize this part of SEO, one must learn the following things about search engine in their SEO Training in BD.


How the Search Engine works?


Components of Search Engines


Google Results Page


White Hat


Keyword Research and Competition Analysis


Basic On-Page & Off-Page Optimization

Selecting a niche for your website is a very important thing to do. You have to select a niche that you will get traffic in and has a good amount of search value every month. If you do not know what niche means, do not get panicked. It’s okay, you will learn about it in your SEO Training in BD from the SEO Training Center in Dhaka. Once you are done selecting your niche, you will have to choose your keywords for that niche. You need to do a lot of research on the keywords that you have selected. There are different types of keywords and different methods of researching them. To make it easier, there are tools that will ease your pain of researching and generating keywords. Names of tools and methods of researching keywords are discussed in the SEO Training centers in their SEO Training in BD.

On-Page Optimization

This is the most crucial part of SEO. Therefore, one must pay the most attention in their SEO Training in BD. This portion of SEO has a lot of smaller portions that can actually make you earn. Even if you want, you can become a SEO Expert in Bangladesh on ON-Page SEO Optimization if you can understand and expertise yourself in this portion during your SEO Training in BD. More than half of the SEO work lies within this portion of SEO. A SEO Expert in Bangladesh can charge a client with at least $5 with a simple work from ON-Page optimization. So therefore whenever you are taking you SEO Training in Bangladesh under a SEO Training Center in Bangladesh, make sure that you go through all the processes and methods of ON-Page optimization. Content is the KING of any website. If the quality and quantity of the content is not maintained then it will be quite impossible to rank any website in an organic method. You have to learn how to write a fruitful content using the keywords and how to optimize a written content. A lot of factors are there when it comes to content optimization. Such as keyword density, meta description, url optimization, and many more. All of these techniques are covered during the SEO Training in BD.
Once you are done with ON-Page optimization, OFF-Page optimization starts. This is something that is based on marketing. In other words, it is called Link Building. You will know more about what this term means in your SEO Training in BD. For the time being, just know that this part of the SEO is basically marketing of your website. One can also become an SEO Expert in Bangladesh just by being an expert in OFF-Page SEO. Just as ON-Page SEO, OFF-Page SEO also has a smaller portions of work with you can charge a minimum of $5 from your client. However, this segment of SEO is a bit tricky and challenging, as this strategy deals with bringing the targeted audience and visitors to your website.
There are tools that will help you with your OFF-Page based works. In addition, there are different strategies that have been proven highly beneficial for a SEO Expert in Bangladesh. You need to find the niche related websites for your marketing. This sort of marketing are done by posting articles in sites about your website, commenting in sites related to your niche, posting as a guest in other sites and many more. This helps as you are telling other visitors about your website and thus leaving a link of your website for them to visit. These techniques and hidden strategies that people talk of cannot be found in Google and YouTube since you do not know the terms or ideas yet. Only a real, true, and Professional SEO Expert in Bangladesh will help you discover this hidden strategies and techniques. This is why as mentioned earlier; the Trainer plays the most vital role in a SEO Expert’s success. It is because of the trainer a student can get the best SEO Training in Bangladesh. Without a real and Professional SEO Expert in Bangladesh, one will not get the best SEO Training in BD, they will just get the normal and basic overlook of SEO in their SEO Training in BD. So, whenever you are taking a SEO Training in Bangladesh, always try to talk to the trainer and talk or ask about the strategies and techniques of Link Building.

If you can gather full knowledge in this segment, your SEO Training in BD will definitely be a huge success.

OFF-Page Optimization

WordPress Installation

WordPress theme is a website theme that a person installs in to make their website. This helps as the website is already made from before and you just need to install it and start modifying your website. This installation process is also added and shown in the SEO Training in BD because; a SEO Expert in Bangladesh needs to install the theme if the client asks. A person can also earn money working with Word Press themes and fixing some of its technical issues that it has while installing it. All the technicalities of Domain Hosting, Word Press theme installation and other canonical issues are shown in the SEO Training in Bangladesh. In addition, it is shown how to create your own website in the SEO Training in BD. This is shown to help a SEO expert of Bangladesh to understand the process of dealing and handling a website.
You can pretty much understand just by judging from the name that this part of SEO Training is based on Google. This part of SEO deals with everything inside Google. For example, from this part you will know and get the results of the SEO you did on the website. SEO Training in BD includes this part and goes for a practical class to show you how you will work with Google webmaster tool and Google analytics. This is very important as you will know and get traffic reports of your website you worked in, visitors report, reports on keywords and many more. This section will also teach you about how Google works with the help of its Algorithm. It will be easier for you once you finish the rest of your SEO Training and then understand the Google Algorithms. In that way, you will understand better and can relate to topics in Google Algorithm with the topics you covered in your SEO Training .

The above outline is designed in such manner that it covers all the topics of SEO and would make a successful SEO Training in Bangladesh. If these topics are covered in any SEO Training in BD then, a person who dreams to become a successful SEO Expert in Bangladesh can turn his dream into reality.

Google Webmaster Tool and Google Analytics

Advanced SEO Training in Bangladesh

Everything that you read above was for the Basic SEO Training in BD. If you have completed your Basic SEO Training in BD, you can now call yourself a SEO Expert in Bangladesh and can start your freelancing career as an SEO Expert in Bangladesh in different marketplaces. Once you start getting orders from clients, you will feel very happy and excited. The more orders you complete the more experience you gain and if you do your work, perfectly you will get a very good review from your client and thus your rank will improve in the marketplace, creating more chances of you getting more and better orders from clients.

The advantage of Advanced SEO Training in BD is that you will have knowledge about advanced methods and techniques of SEO. This helps in ranking as advanced methods will make ranking easier as you will receive more depth knowledge about Google. Another benefit of Advanced SEO Training in Bangladesh is that you do not have to worry about jobs from marketplaces. After completing the Advance SEO Training in Bangladesh, you will know the methods of earning that will help you earn independently without having to rely on marketplaces. Therefore, the benefits that you will get once you finish the Advanced SEO Training in BD are the followings:




Guaranteed Earning Methods


Create your OWN EARNING Source


Big Budget Projects


Work for Big Industries


How to Rank any Website in Google


How to Increase Visitors in a Website


Advanced methods of SEO


Full knowledge on SEO

Many of our students have been benefited after they were done with our Advanced SEO Training in BD as well as from our SEO Training in Bangladesh. Most of them now has their own earning source and are doing big budget projects from international clients after completing our Advanced SEO Training in BD.

Course Outline of Advanced SEO Training in Bangladesh

Although the course is of SEO and some of the names of the topic in our course outline are the same compared to the outline of our SEO Training in Bangladesh, they have some advanced techniques and strategies that will boost your basic knowledge of SEO to a completely new upgraded level through our Advanced SEO Training in Bangladesh. Therefore, here are the topics that will feature our Advanced SEO Training in BD.

Advanced Keyword Research


Advanced ON-PAGE SEO Techniques


Advanced OFF-Page SEO Techniques


Technical SEO


E-Commerce SEO


Google Search Console & Google Analytics Advanced Techniques of Implementation

Why our SEO Training is BEST?

If you came this far after reading what is written above, that means you now have the knowledge what Search Engine Optimization is and what process are there. You would also have the knowledge about what to achieve once you are have successfully completed your SEO Training in BD. All you need to do is come, enroll yourself in our SEO Training Center in Dhaka, and get our SEO Training to being your freelancing career in the field of SEO. We offers both Basic and Advanced SEO Training in Bangladesh.

The feedbacks of our students will tell you the benefits they got through our SEO Training in BD. Most of our students have successfully built their career in marketplaces like Fiverr, UpWork,, and many other marketplaces. Other students have joined institutions as SEO Trainer in a SEO Training Institutes in Dhaka. Some of the students have opened their own SEO Firm in Bangladesh and has big clients and industries as their permanent clients. Not only these, some students now work as a SEO Expert in Bangladesh, in other SEO Firms in Bangladesh. Seeing their success makes us feel that we have been a successful and the best SEO Training Center in Bangladesh who offers the Best SEO Training in Bangladesh. When our students are interviewed by other SEO Experts in Bangladesh, they answer confidently as our course outline, which is mentioned above, covers the entire topic that a basic SEO expert in Bangladesh needs to know and the advanced topics. The duration of our classes is not that long so that students do not get bored. Our classes are held during the weekends, which benefit everyone, as they tend to stay free on the weekends mostly. Another reason why we do not hold classes in weekdays is because some of our students are jobholders and it would be really difficult for them to attend the classes during the weekdays. Therefore, to prevent any clashes of regular routine of our students with our classes and their job, we decided to take the classes during the weekends and give flexible class timings so that if benefits everyone. We offer different types of freelancing courses. In our course, we also GUARANTEE EARNING while your course is still running. No other SEO Training Center in Bangladesh can offer such course that GUARANTEE’s EARNING. We give our best to secure the freelancers career through our Best SEO Training in BD. So if you are interested to become successful SEO Expert in Bangladesh, and want to open your own SEO Firm in Bangladesh, then wait no more and join our SEO Training Center in Dhaka today and get the best SEO Training in Bangladesh.